D Scott Kelly


Executive Director, Counselor

Co-founder of BASES, Scott is a native of Charlevoix and graduated from Charlevoix High School in 1982. He attended Ferris State University where he also played baseball for four years. Two days after his first year of college, Scott voluntarily checked himself into an alcoholism treatment program at age 18. When he finished college at Ferris three years later, he earned a bachelor's degree in social work, graduated with honors, and was named Male Athlete of the Year in 1986 and Conference Baseball Player of the Year. He has worked as a substance abuse counselor in a long-term residential program, a prevention specialist and a student assistance coordinator.

In organizing BASES, Scott combined his passions of substance abuse counseling and baseball to come up with the name in hopes of filling the gaps in services for young people. Scott completed his master's degree in counseling at Central Michigan University in 1997. He is a certified advanced alcohol and drug counselor (CAADC), certified clinical supervisor (CCS), master addictions counselor (MAC), trained in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), licensed bachelor social worker (LBSW), certified relapse prevention specialist (CRPS), certified peer recovery coach (CPRC), and has been clean and sober since 1984. Scott and his wife, Celia, live in Charlevoix and have three children and three grandchildren.

Scott was elected to the Ferris State University Athletic Hall of Fame in September of 2007, the Manistee Saints Semi-Pro Baseball Hall of Fame in 2009, and the Michigan Amateur Softball Association Hall of Fame in January of 2015.

D Scott Kelly