Where It Started & Where We've Been

Our Journey from the Beginning

BASES (Bay Area Substance Education Services), co-founded by Scott and Celia Kelly in 1993, originally began as a home-based operation addressing adolescent substance abuse. As we expanded to meet the needs of our community, we formed the Teen Center in 1995, providing a safe after-school space to tackle the rising concern of substance abuse among young people.


In 1997, we extended our services to the Recovery High program, providing substance abuse education and counseling. Although our primary focus was adolescent treatment until 2015, we also offered services for adults and provided resources in local schools, jails, and through community outreach.

In 2015, after the Recovery High program ended, we transitioned our focus to adults. Recognizing the intricate connection between substance abuse, mental health, and trauma, we expanded our expertise to address these co-occurring issues.

When the COVID pandemic hit, we adapted swiftly, initiating telehealth services that allowed us to expand our reach across Michigan and break down accessibility barriers to treatment. This commitment to evolving with the times and meeting changing needs is what led us to create our new domain,

What’s Coming Next

BASES has always been personal and family-oriented for Scott and Celia. Collectively, they have over 74 years of sobriety. They are living proof that recovery can have a meaningful and lasting impact on a family system. Everyone always talks about addiction and mental health being prevalent in their family tree, but the Kelly's strive to also teach that recovery can run in families, too.

As Scott and Celia plan to consider retirement of some sort in the next 8 years, they plan to pass the torch to their daughter, Leah, who has worked for BASES for many years and been along for the ride since the beginning. During the next few years, Leah will take on more director duties. BASES will continue to strive to meet the needs of the community and provide quality services that people have come to know and expect.

Substance use disorders are very treatable. Recovery is contagious and happens in families and communities. Recovery from mental health and trauma happens with safe, stable, and nurturing people and places. Call BASES to work with our counselors as you work toward accomplishing your goals of a healthier version of you.

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